Abdul Wahab Khatri

Abdul Wahab is a tie and dye artisan from Bhuj who has been practicing his craft for over 10 years. He makes tie and dye products in silk and brocade, and is an expert in traditional Gharchola wedding wear. His product line includes sarees, dupattas, stoles and yardage. According to the craftsman, like most of his community he earlier made only traditional products for the local market. With support from organizations like Dastkar, Khamir and Kala Raksha he got exposure to new designs perspectives. He feels this kind of exposure has been crucial in launching the craft of tie and dye in the contemporary market. Appreciative of both the traditional and modern, Abdul Wahab is conscious that the pulls and pressures of the modern market may result in the loss of traditional designs. He therefore make it a point to carry both in his product range.