Bijlani Shankar Raychand

A dim glow, cast across the western horizon. I walked home, a slow saunter, taking in the twilight, the last moments of the day.  It had been a long day. My mind wandered to the long years, thirty years ago when I first had my begun my craft. My father was a leather craftsman too. Five of my brothers followed suit, I amongst them. We used to watch him at work. Follow closely, until we too could call ourselves craftsmen. As we spread across the land, my brothers and I continued to carry our craft forward. Twenty years later, I see myself independent. There are times when things work and do not. I work from home. Sometimes I travel with my craft to Delhi, Bangalore and Bombay. As my children go to school now, I find myself content, two boys and three girls. Maybe they will continue the craft.

Work takes its flow with many ups and downs. My products vary and I work solely for myself. And as the day ends, I am at peace. Work brings me that freedom and independence I sort after.