Mayabhai Ahir

Mayabhai is an artisan who is working with leather. He works with 30 women in the locality. He buys leather from Ahmedabad and all the other accessories for products from Rapar village. He followed the footsteps of his ancestors in terms of leather work, but he has changed the conventional products of leather to new creative designs and products that are demanded in the market today.

Mayabhai entered Craftroots with references to another artisan and he realized about the importance of Craftroots as an important platform to sell his products. Craftroots also took pleasure in selling Mayabhai’s leather products in their shop. The financial help given by Craftroots has helped him to survive through the difficult times he was facing. He is now able to make products and showcase it in the exhibitions. Mayabhai now dreams of making the best leather products of all.