Design Development and capacity building

Enhancing current product designs and building capacities of artisans as per market trend and economic viability is our prime focus.

There are five main areas of focus under this section:

  • Product Development – Working closely with artisans for quality check and innovation in design. Partner with design institutes to hold design workshops for artisans.
  • Cost management: Identifying ways to reduce production cost and bring efficiency and effectiveness into existing production methods.
  • Packaging: Assist artisans in designing and packaging their products efficiently.
  • Lead time calculation: Research and share best practices in the industry to improvise on current methods if any for lead time calculation.
  • Upgradation of tools & technique: Provide new technology resources and upgrades for artisans. Organize skill-training workshops for new technologies (to match competitors and differentiate handwork).

Apart from this assistance on raw material sourcing and over all capacity building is provided to artisans from time to time.

Workshop and Training