There is an urgent need to revive consumers’ interest in crafts and make craft relevant to increasingly urban lifestyles. Efforts are needed to sensitize the emerging middle class consumer to the history and value of crafts in India to ensure a robust domestic market. Strengthening branding efforts and introducing geographical indicators such as “Handmade in India classification, will enable Indian crafts to compete in increasingly global markets. Crafts can be branded on the local, regional or national, and enterprise level.

Our exhibitions nationally and internationally serve the dual purpose of supporting the Indian Handicraft brand and supports artisans and crafts associated with us. As artisans are scattered across geographies, there is a need for players who can source products from them in a centralized fashion and introduce economies of scale into the supply chain. Exhibitions provide the essential bridging services between small producers and the market where products can be sold and thereby smoothen seasonality of production.