Sales and Marketing Channel Supports

Sales & Marketing

One of the prime objectives of Craftroots is to provide sales and marketing support through various means such as domestic and international exhibitions, e-commerce, retail outlets, corporate gifting, cross sales to associated artisans across the country along with 360-degree marketing communication plan throughout the year.

  • Domestic and International exhibitions:  Live exhibitions of products foster interactive and direct connection between artisan and customer. It is one of the most effective ways to acquire loyal and inspired customers.
  • E-commerce:  We offer an online community that allows artisans to connect with a greater customer base. In turn, our e-store provides customers with greater access to a variety of rare craft forms, as well as faster delivery.
  • Retail outlets:  As another form of distribution, we have established several retail stores throughout Gujarat and in Delhi that connect local craftsmen with customers on a regular basis.
  • Corporate gifting:  We offer large corporations with the ability to make educated bulk purchases. Corporations can easily gift crafts to employees and clients as a way to celebrate and preserve cultural identity of our region. In turn, corporate gifting can be a powerful form of sustenance for artisans (i.e., one gift can sustain an artisan for a whole year).
  • Cross sales:  As we are connecting several players within the craft eco-system, we foster easy sourcing within the community. Specialized artisans can reach out to fellow specialized artisans for direct purchasing through our platform. This encourages more streamlined cross sales and avoids continual price hikes from middlemen. Similarly, designers will be able to source materials and semi-finished products directly from artisans.

Marketing support:

All our marketing efforts are undertaken keeping artisans and crafts in the centre. Our social media presence across various platforms, SEO and SEM activities and other digital media activities are conducted to provide holistic view of entire craft eco system we operate in.

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