To nurture the mind, body and soul of women and artisans through variety of programs that strengthens their self-reliance, increases sustainability and enhances quality of their live is our prime objective. We promote the holistic development of underprivileged women through projects such as vocational skill training, income generation activities and awareness, financial literacy, health and education related programs. We strongly believe that every individual has the right to live a life filled with dignity and self-respect. That is why all our employment and social activities are built around achieving this goal.
and so skills training to foster integrity and self-reliance

Over the years, we have provided many women working with us with skill based training and in turn encourage income generation activities through small-scale industry & comprehend women’s work culture in India, especially in Gujarat.  We aim to upgrade the skills of our women to convert them into social entrepreneurs through skill development program.

Hand Embroidery

Traditionally & culturally, women of Gujarat have been practicing the art of hand embroidery since generations. The activity empowers women by strengthening their economic capacity & supports our mission to continue/ revive the art. Hand embroidery work gives our women flexibility to work from home. They   conveniently earn & simultaneously take care of their daily household work & family members. It involves low capital investment for a decentralized group of women. Hand embroidery products attract both, national & foreign market and in turn increase the earning capacity of our women. Less educated women & homemakers can be easily trained & converted into social entrepreneurs through vocational programs.

Our working model

Any woman whose interest lies in working with Gramshree through hand embroidery joins the program. The women may or may not know hand embroidery. We conduct training of such women in hand embroidery. Women are given a year’s supply of grain, oil and spices. Every month the women pay back instalments through their earnings at our center. This alleviates the huge pressure these women feel to feed their families. Particularly as life in the less privileged families invariably revolves around a hand-to mouth existence.

Cosmetics and Styling Training

Apart from Hand Embroidery, we have also conducted workshops for cosmetics and styling art under the vocational training for the young women and girls. Considering the need of market training has offered an income generation opportunity to girls to.

One of our most important interventions is imparting basic financial literacy to women from less privileged background. We conduct workshops for women on savings; available government schemes of financial assistance, bank accounts and banking related information and how to set up community operate banks. This initiative has greatly assisted women in becoming more financially independent. Some of the women’s groups after our training now buy high-quality groceries in bulk to reduce daily costs.

Healthcare is one area where we have contributed a lot through health check-up camps, sanitation drives and interactive workshops run by professionals to create awareness regarding health, hygiene and nutrition.

We have put lot of emphasis on ensuring education to young girls in the community. We run a special program called “Adopt a child” where we connect privileged families who want to donate towards education of under privileged
to the children of women from our centers.

Working with artisans and women from various sections of society, we have come across many challenges and opportunities with regards to bridging gap between various communities.

Our practices such as conducting Sarva Dharma Prayer at the beginning of all our exhibitions and at our production centers, personal visit by our teams to homes of artisans from different communities and our philosophy of “Small is Beautiful” has contributed towards bringing artisans together on one platform for the benefit of Craft Ecosystem as a whole.

Over the years, we have given tremendous importance to celebrating life through various festivals, watching movies, fun tours, tours to learning centers, workshops on life lessons from great leaders etc. We believe an exposure to the world and a break from the stress of daily struggles is vital to holistic development.