A central part of the Craftroot’s initiative is to research, document and analyze languishing crafts from rural India. Our survey and documentation team travels to various parts of the state and country to identify, recognize and understand various craft forms and associated artisans and clusters.

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A. Craft Survey:

Survey and documentation of crafts is focused around three main pillars such as, capturing basic details of craft, understanding and documenting the technique and related photos and videos. We gather basic details of craft such as its origin, current market scope and presence, number of artisans or clusters, scope of its upliftment and challenges for its sustenance. The technique associated with its craft is documented in detail for further analysis. Detailed photography and videography is also done as a part of our craft survey exercise.

B. Groups and Institute Survey:

Surveying and finding right institutes to partner with us for the upliftment of languishing crafts is an integral part of our objective. As a part of this exercise we document NGOs working in the sector, pay visit to them and look for partnership opportunities for mutual benefits. We also look for academic, private and government institutes who can work with us. There are many individual designers, who have come on our platform for the overall benefit of artisans and crafts.

C. Government survey:

We have a team dedicated for researching various central and state government schemes and policies. In these years, we have been able to extend and share this knowledge with our clusters, artisans and partners.

D. Analysis:

Our analysis and central team prepare detailed analysis reports on each craft and associated artisans. Parameters of this report include gap analysis, mapping with states and geography, technology viability, economic prospect and SWOT analysis. Various other parameters such as fair wage to artisans, potential institutional support, associated NGOs and organizations, currently used technology and opportunity of up gradation, raw material bank etc. are also analysed and a detailed report is generated.

E. Artisan Survey:

Survey of artisans is conducted through Cluster survey as well as individual artisan survey. It is focused around, learning and understanding fair wage practices of specific artisans and creating awareness among them for the same, possibility of integration with institutes and development potential of specific clusters.